Jib Cranes & Vacuum Lifters

Jib Crane Specialist

These cranes are excellent for low-cost lifting and handling goods effectively within a plant or operator work cell. They are constructed with a horizontal beam – the jib – which is swung by a moveable hoist. The whole is fixed to a wall or the ground by a mounted pillar. These cranes are easy to install and use and can be moved to a different area of the worksite without much difficulty. MC jib cranes are manually or electrically rotated, and are available in both column and wall mounted versions. There are several different types, including: * Top Braced Wall Mounted, * Top Braced Free Standing, * Under Braced Wall Mounted and * Under Braced Free Standing. They are utilised as stand-alone structures or in conjunction with other jibs and monorails. With a load capacity of up to 3.2 tonne, they can be up to 6 metres in length, with a slewing range of up to 360 degrees.