Wire Rope Hoists


Modular Cranes offer the new Street Cranes ZX electric wire rope hoists which provides unique benefits for the user. ZX epitomises intelligent design for easy load handling, impressive performance and exceptional safety levels. There are three different electric wire rope hoists, including the fixed hoist, low headroom hoist for single girder cranes and the top running hoist for double girder cranes.

Wire Rope Hoists Melbourne

By guaranteeing that the most reputable models of wire rope hoists are available to Melbourne and other Australian customers, Modular Cranes is dedicated to providing businesses across all industries with complete solutions to their hoist requirements. Thanks to the high-tensile wire and in-built safety measures you can trust our wire rope hoists to successfully carry out lifting tasks with a firm focus on the safety of the operators and other employees. To learn more about our high-quality wire rope hoists, please feel free to contact the team at Modular Cranes today.