JIB Crane Manufacturers Melbourne, Australia

JIB Crane Manufacturers and Supplier Melbourne, Australia

At Modular Cranes, we are specialist JIB crane manufacturers Melbourne, Australia. If you require the best jib crane in Melbourne, then you should be speaking to the Modular crane team to ensure we can provide you with a system that will meet the specific requirements of your operational environment. We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand your needs. As a quality jib crane supplier in Melbourne, we understand the importance of providing you with products that will offer a safe, reliable, and durable solution.

Our jib cranes are constructed with a horizontal beam – the jib – which is swung by a movable hoist. The whole construction is fixed to a wall or the ground by a mounted pillar. These cranes are well-designed and easy to use. They offer flexibility in their installation and can be moved to a different area of the worksite without much difficulty.

Modular crane JIB cranes are manually or electrically rotated and are available in both column and wall-mounted JIB Crane versions. We are a leading supplier of various kinds of JIB cranes in Melbourne.

  • Top Braced Wall Mounted JIB Crane
  • Top Braced Free Standing JIB Crane
  • Under Braced Wall Mounted JIB Crane
  • Under Braced Free Standing JIB Crane

Our clients can use our jib cranes as stand-alone structures or in conjunction with other jibs and monorails. They have a load capacity of up to 3.2 tonnes, and they can be up to 6 meters in length, with a slewing range of up to 360 degrees. Contact Modular Crane if you are in need of a JIB Crane. We are your trusted JIB crane supplier in Melbourne.

How To Choose The Right JIB Crane In Melbourne, Australia

  • Area of rotation: Freestanding and mast-style jib cranes provide users with 360-degree rotation. Our wall-mounted cranes offer 200-degree rotation.
  • Jib Height: Distance from floor to underside of jib crane’s arm. Also, factor in hoist size and lifting height required.
  • Overall jib crane height: Crane should be free from overhead obstructions.
  • Power requirements: Does motor drive, trolley or hoist of your jib crane require power?
  • Installation: Modular crane can review your application and, together with our engineering staff, make expert recommendations.

We can guarantee that the team at Modular Cranes, your reliable JIB crane supplier in Melbourne, has the correct jib crane for you. To find out more or chat with a knowledgeable member of our team, call us today on 1300 663 8527 or email tony@modularcranes.com.au for more information.

JIB Crane Manufacturers Australia

Free Standing JIB Crane

Jib cranes are an efficient and cost effective way of material handling and we can develop a solution which is versatile and easy to operate. Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, solution for lifting and moving items for assembly within a smaller radius.

Wall Mounted JIB Crane

Wall Mounted JIB Cranes are most cost effective means of providing hoist coverage for individual use in bays. The wall jib crane has been designed to be mounted on a wall or column.

Top Braced JIB Crane

Top braced jib cranes provide a cost-effective way of material handling. This solution is easy to operate.

Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, solution for lifting items.

Underbraced JIB Crane

Under braced or top braced jib cranes provides cost effective way of material handling solution.

Modular cranes top braced or – or under-braced jib cranes to maximise height of lift.

Motorized Slew JIB Crane

Under braced or top braced jib cranes provides cost effective way of material handling solution.

Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, solution for lifting items.

Manual Slew JIB Crane

Under braced or top braced jib cranes provides cost effective way of material handling solution.

Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, solution for lifting items.

The Next Generation Hoists

These ZX range of hoists are next-generation lifting solutions evolved over the years to fit rigorous production environments. These hoists have the brake mounted on the hoist gearbox. Therefore, this “braked gearbox arrangement” holds the load even if there is a motor shaft, motor connection, or motor coupling failure. This is contrary to how the brakes of the conventional hoists work and therefore ensure extra hoist brake safety.

The unique double band rope guide of the ZX hoists avoid the issues of slack rope failures. The rotating inner band clamps the rope to the drum, preventing the rope from pulling through. Overloading is one of the primary reasons for hoist failure and incidents. Importantly, ZX hoists have an additional protection mechanism called torque arm capacity restrictor to prevent overloading issues. The restrictor senses the total load passed by the hoist mechanism.

Notably, the detector saves the hoist from a load greater than the capacity but from an overload created by the impendence of hoist rotation.

Tailored To Your Needs

The ZX hoists are available in different designs and capacity to meet all your operational needs. While coming to single girders, the low headroom monorail hoists have a lifting capacity of up to 15 tonnes, and the low headroom twin trolley construction can hold up to 25 tonnes.

On the other hand, the double girders are available as single rope hoists and double rope hoists. While the single rope hoists can carry up to 32 tonnes, twin rope hoists can be the ideal choice for heavy lifting needs with a capacity of up to 80 tonnes. Importantly, all these hoists come with optional features such as micro-speeds, anti-sway control, load-dependent speed, and more.

As a leading supplier of electric hoists in Australia, we ensure that our customers get the finest range of hoisting solutions.


What distinguishes a Jib crane from a typical crane?

A Jib crane has a horizontal arm called a Jib or boom. It is primarily used to support a movable hoist attached to a wall or a pillar. The hoist swings in an arc or is fastened to allow mobility. To know more about the best Jib crane in Australia, contact us.

A crane usually includes a seat for the operator, while a Jib crane can be operated remotely or manually. Jib cranes are specially designed to lift and move materials with the operator controlling the camera as it moves, whereas a crane is a device capable of lifting a full-sized camera and operator.

What are the different types of Jib Cranes?

As one of the top Jib crane manufacturers in Melbourne, we have various types of Jib cranes, including free-standing Jib cranes, wall-mounted Jib cranes, top-braced Jib cranes, under braced Jib cranes, motorised slew Jib cranes, manual slew Jib cranes.

What is the purpose of the Jib in a crane?

Jib cranes are commonly used for lifting and moving materials and are designed for smooth repetitive and unique lifting for a smaller work cell area. To maximise the production, these are used along with overhead cranes.

What is the most significant advantage of a Jib crane?

The most significant advantage of a Jib crane is its range of movement. Jib cranes in Australia are highly flexible and precise when lifting and moving heavy loads. They can rotate up to 360 degrees, which makes it easy to manoeuvre objects in tight spaces. Additionally, they can be equipped with sensors to prevent overloading, which helps to prevent accidents and damage. Contact Modular Cranes for more info.

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