Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Crane Inspection and Maintenance Programs Can Extend the Life of Your Overhead Crane

To extend the life of your crane it’s important to implement a preventative maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer’s recommendations because the best type of maintenance is preventative maintenance.

Planned preventative maintenance can save you money, reduce downtime and provide for the health and safety of your employees.

Our technicians, engineers and fabrication team can assist with modifications, repairs, servicing and custom solutions to meet your crane operation requirements. We service and maintain all types of cranes, hoists and winches. Our service programs are customised to meet your needs based on load and usage conditions plus to ensure the compliance of your requirements under the Australian Standards and OH&S regulation.

If your crane goes down, so does your business & productivity.

Imagine– your business depends on the performance of your heavy lifting equipment & Overhead Cranes.

What would happen if your Business came to a standstill because of a simple breakdown that could have easily been avoided?

Now – did you know that a 60-minute Crane Health Audit from Modular Cranes  can literally save you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of $$?

If you own lifting equipment, Modular Cranes your partner in lifting equipment safety and compliance, can help your Business;

  • Avoid downtime
  • Prevent loss of productivity
  • Identify risks with your lifting equipment
  • Minimise breakdown and reduce cost of service
  • Extend Life of Crane
  • Ensure your Cranes are compliant with Australian Standard requirements.

Comprehensive, Cost-effective, Convenient!

Without disrupting your productivity, Modular Cranes can conveniently send an experienced, highly qualified crane technician to your business to conduct a comprehensive inspections of your overhead cranes.

Modular Crane is recognized as the region’s market leader in providing the fastest emergency overhead crane services to save you from unwanted downtime.  We understand very well that your cranes and hoists are essential to keeping your business running and that crane downtime means that production stops.

  • Breakdown services 24/7 – All makes & models
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Periodic third party inspections
  • Major assessments & overhauls
  • Spare parts sourcing
  • Owner / Operator training
Contact us and speak to one of our friendly consultants with any questions about your crane service and maintenance requirements on 1300 663 8527, Email us at: